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La Veneta Tannery S.p.A. carries out the complete cycle of leather transformation. Starting from the hides it creates fine chrome tanned leathers with... READ ALL

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NEWS NO. 13/17 Today, our Corporate Prevention and Protection Service Officer participates in a upgrade meeting at .... READ ALL

NEWS NO. 12/17 We have created an exciting eight-soccer game between our tanning department and our refining .... READ ALL

NEWS NO. 11/17 Today, our Worker Safety Representative participates in a refresher course at a ministry-level body, .... READ ALL

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Baby calf, Calf, Broutard


The work of transforming hides into leather boasts traditions that are thousands of years old.
We present our range of articles divided between Baby calf, Calf, Broutard... READ ALL


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Reach Regulations


Regarding the limits foreseen by the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals) for chemical substances, we must remember that the ...

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